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Quantumeevee vs Topaz Coverpage

January 2nd, 2018, 12:38 am
This coverpage is done in my style, but in future pages, you'll see me skew towards the respective authors' styles for their characters.
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From the Author
M.W January 2nd, 2018, 12:44 am
Time Taken: 4 hours

So we begin this first instalment of this series. Science (for Quantumeevee is a scientific genius) vs Magic (as the PP in The Stars Shine Bright is considered to be magic). Featuring characters Quantumeevee (belonging to Funnyeevee) and Topaz (belonging to Tehpikachu).

You can find Quantumeevee in
and Topaz in

anyways, let's get started

Quantumeevee belongs to

Topaz belongs to
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RaindropDreamer (Guest) January 2nd, 2019, 9:51 am
*Thoroughly confused*